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All about the real things

Hey Folks I’m Ayzia! Squeezing lemons over in the South West of Western Australia, traveling around at any opportunity  A born thrill seeker this job is perfect for me. Ive been documenting the times since 06 when my  mother put my hand up for a wedding at the age of 16 and here we are.

Living for the good things. My biggest fulfilment comes from my photography but I get my thrills when I travel, play sports, wake board & skate.

I’ll never apologize for growing my funky earring collection (I go big) & hunting down unique items of furniture to suit my eclectic style. Driving around the country and traveling for work a lot I’m always listening to my local RTR radio or listening back on interviews with Angela Davies.

I live for diversity, open minded/in depth conversations, amercing myself in culture close and far, a Wes Anderson or Australian flick and Erykah Badu. Im a good music enthusiast. I’m all about a full belly laugh & don’t mind being the butt of the joke. Absolutely love a good party & seeing the way you choose to celebrate whether its large or intimate.


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