Nailing Your Engagement Shoot

As a photographer I don’t expect you to rock up to our photo shoot knowing how it all goes down. So here are my 10 tips to help you nail your engagement shots & feel more prepared! Of course I am here as your main source of guidance but this is a collaboration and we both bring some magic. Engagement photographs are the best way to get to know each other before the wedding & get comfortable with each other!

  1. Send me or your photographer a playlist. This may seem simple but at first the click of the camera may be a bit much. If you can create a little bit of mood – why not?


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2. Wear something you are comfortable in. If you have booked a shoot with me you know we get adventurous when needed. Locations are often on sand and in the bush and we move about a lot , so heels aren’t what I think of in these scenarios. Wear Clothes that make you feel like you. You want your clothing to compliment each other without matching. Choose Pastels, Cool Colours, and Neutral Tones. If you want to browse my recent engagement photos for colour palette inspiration click here. Or I have created a mood board of pallets on my pintrest boards.

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3. Schedule the shoot with the sun. We all know golden hour is the most flattering light. So I would suggest starting 1 hour prior to sunset, maybe earlier if we have two locations.

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4. Think of a safe word that only you two know. When you are feeling any moment of “holy heck we are in front of the camera” say it to each other. And when in doubt pull your fiancé/partner in close or give them a kiss.

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5. Consider hair and makeup for the shoot. This would be a good time to give your hair and makeup you have booked for the wedding a trial run!

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5. Consider hair and makeup for the shoot. This would be a good time to give your hair and makeup you have booked for the wedding a trial run!

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6. Try not to overthink it, have trust in me. However if you want to create a Pinterest mood / style board, please do and send this to me before the shoot! Be sure to let me know if you have a strong idea of what you are wanting to achieve in the shoot.

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7. Before you practice and prep for your photo shoot, have a talk with your partner to suss out each of your comfort levels. Find out what each person is and isn’t comfortable doing in front of the camera. Some people want intimate kissing shots, for some, that is too much, and they prefer more straightforward portraits.

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8. One way to ease engagement photo nerves is to pick a place that is meaningful and memorable to you and your partner. “Pick a place that’s important to you, it may be the neighbourhood you live in or the park where you go to chill together. If you’re in a place that’s familiar and comfortable, you’ll feel more relaxed in front of the camera.

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9. If you wish to include animals, which I am all about, if you follow my on instagram you know the love I have for my two and they would 100% be apart of my pictures. However I don’t want you to spend the session worrying. So I do suggest one, treats and secondly a friend or family member who can take them away once we get the shot with them.

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10. Feel free to bring a drink  (one for me too). We are here to celebrate after all!

Ill be real with you photos can be a little awkward because not many of us are used to a third wheel capturing our romantic movements. Personally when a camera is on me I freeze so I acknowledge what helps me when I am (rarely) in front of the camera. I encourage you to have a read of my about me or jump on the phone and have a chat, see how we gel. Snoop through my work and recent shoots to see the natural style I have.

If you have any thoughts like “we are not photo people”, I got you.