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‘We don’t take pictures of things we want to forget’ – some random sign I saw on a building once.

We document what we want to remember. We take pictures of what words and memories cannot describe so that we will never forget which is why my approach to taking photographs is very genuine. My photos need to be honest and they need to be real, because all they should be is a reflection of you and your day (captured in beautiful lighting and framing, of course). I
never want the photo shoot to feel like a chore, like a formality. Your wedding day is fun; it should be a party and a celebration and I’ll always encourage you to just enjoy the time with your wedding party while I creep around and take snaps of the giggles, the hidden tears, the adoring glances and secret kisses.

While there will be some direction and prompting, I always encourage natural poses that are instinctual to the couple or that feel and look comfortable. I find a lot of inspiration in how my friends put their arms around one another or how my partner puts his arm around me and I
like to take notes of how that makes me feel, if it makes me feel loved or comfortable or safe.I find inspiration from these intimate movements and gestures, which I then bring across to when I am shooting weddings. You can see through my gallery that I like it to be relaxed and easy, I love to have a laugh and if there are any pooches involved in the day then you can
expect only the best photographs of them.

I specialise in South West weddings as my photos are largely inspired by the rawness and beauty of the natural environment, however I’ve been lucky enough to shoot weddings all around Western Australia, interstate and overseas. So if you have a destination wedding I’d be more than keen to hear about it!



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