I think it’s pretty important to know your photographer before I join you on your special day,
so here is a bit about me.

I’m Ayzia – a.k.a. fantayzia, ayz, beyoncayzia, crayzia, layzia, the list goes on. I’m a personable, chatty, energetic and a pretty positive human that very much loves and takes a lot of pride in her job. Since I was a little tacker I’ve been inseparable from my camera. I’ve always adored photos for the nostalgia an image can bring back. I have boxes and books filled of my own photographs at home that I’m constantly pulling out to show people or reminisce upon. It’s the sense of place and time that photos can convey that really does it for me. I studied a Bachelor of Photography after high school and have now been in the photography biz for 11 years, and I could not image doing anything else.

Wedding photography came to me when I was a little kid. I was mesmerised by my grandparents wedding album growing up, always pulling it out whenever we went to visit. I was captivated by the people and the places in the photos and loved the way my grandparents would swoon when they were reminded of that time.

These photos really made me realise how much pictures mean and how much purpose they serve in people’s lives. Now I’ve got the important and very fulfilling job of capturing those moments for couples so they can be forever treasured and remembered by family and friends forever after.

When I’m not looking through the viewfinder of a camera, I’ll be exercising my love for the outdoors with my partner and our two dogs, Taj and Foster, wakeboarding, skate boarding or travelling whenever we get the chance. I love a good dance, a good laugh and a good record to spend the day listening to from start to end.

I’d love to hear your story, ideas, plans and dreams so if you’re interested in sharing them with me please contact me through the online form below.

And if you’d like to follow more of my story you’re more than welcome to at @ayziajadephotography.

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